For our firm, sustainability is an integral component where the project reacts to, and is grounded by the site, and its larger context.  What is now termed “sustainability” is to us a broad array of parameters which naturally touch every part of a project and must be artfully interwoven with the project site and program for any design solution to be successful.  We don’t necessarily go for the “green” window-dressing, but are committed to the integration of thoughtful, sustainable approaches to design as they relate to project siting, water, waste, materials, use of resources, and general environmental quality and health.

We are a research-based design firm.  We have a strong conviction that good architecture requires an understanding of craftsmanship and construction.  We think this is best developed by “getting your hands dirty”.  We have a design/build team and are frequently involved in the making of our projects on many scales from furnishings and light fixtures to complete construction.  We are constantly exploring new methods, materials, and techniques for construction, searching for the best solutions to respond to site and client needs.  This unique sensibility leads to far fewer problems during construction.  It allows us to push the limits of design with solutions that are clean, efficient, and buildable.

Barker Wagoner Architects is a different type of architectural practice.  We believe that every project is unique and deserving of a creative solution.  Our process involves first listening to the client about their wants and needs, and then developing a thorough analysis of the project site and environment.  We have avoided being typecast with a particular visual style.  Instead, it is our belief that it is the interaction between a client’s needs and desires and the intended physical site that is the genesis of architecture.




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